Training Evaluation Form

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We are committed to providing high quality training. Your feedback is necessary to continuously improve the quality of our training programmes. Please take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire.

Please rate the following aspects of training on a scale of 1 to 5, using the following scale: 1=strongly disagree 2=disagree 3=neutral 4=agree 5=strongly agree

Training Event

1. The training objectives were clearly outlined
2. The presentation was well organised
3. The handouts given to me at training were useful
4. The training venue was suitable
5. The time allocated for training was adequate


6. The trainer communicated effectively
7. The trainer had a good knowledge of the topics
8. The trainer used a variety of teaching techniques
9. The trainer allowed adequate group participation


10. I learned new skills and/or gained new understanding of the topics
11. The content was relevant and meaningful for me in my role
12. I had enough time to ask questions and practice new skills
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Thank you for your feedback!