Welcome to Elevation Training

We are providers of specialist training in the area of healthcare, with particular expertise in supporting learners returning to education. We concentrate on assisting learners to achieve their educational and occupational goals in a supportive and encouraging environment.

In 2010, we became a QQI accredited centre and since then have certified over 6000 learners in awards at Level 5. We are also members of the Irish Institute of Training & Development which allows us to keep up to date with best practice in education.
The content of our programmes focus on topics that health care workers deal with on a day to day basis. As such, we have partnered with the Dementia: Understand Together campaign to show our support, while giving our learners the opportunity to broaden their experience.

We also work with numerous companies, universities and residential facilities to provide staff and clients with knowledge, skills and understanding of the provision of quality care to vulnerable people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give our learners confidence in their learning and inspire them to continue to progress on their academic and vocational journey. We aspire to develop competent individuals who can provide a trusted skillset across various settings.

Our Mission

We endeavour to progress every individual by providing educational programmes which will enable succession to further education and access to new employment opportunities. We pride ourselves on our culture of open mindedness, diversity, transparency and diligence.

The skills and personal development achieved by the individual will complement their lifelong learning, we are committed to achieving the highest quality of training to ensure attributes achieved continue with the individual throughout life’s journey.

Our Values

Now is always a good time to “LEARN” 

Listening to people and hearing their experiences, journeys and needs allows us to continually improve our service and quality.

We believe that having a caring and open environment drives us to encourage everyone to achieve the best they can achieve for them.

We create an environment that allows the individual to achieve their goals and reach their ambitions. We believe that everyone is an individual with individual goals, and we will support and guide our people to achieve them.

While we are committed to ensuring we are diverse and continuously improving we will always remain reliable when it comes to our quality, our excellent service and our complete transparency.

We recognise that what suits one individual may not suit another, and we will adapt our supports to ensure we nourish every individual to make sure they enjoy their academic journey and reach their individual goals.